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Halal friendly tourism

Arabco Projects promotes conventional and Halal friendly tourism in Croatia through

The World Halal Tourism is on the rise: from 2010 until 2013 it increased from 9 percent to 12.3 percent. The total value of the World Halal Tourism in 2013 is estimated to be about $100 billion.

It should be noted that tourists from Muslim countries in 2013 spent about $12 billion. Almost half of this amount belongs to the tourists from the UAE. An average tourist from the UAE spends about $500 more than a European guest.

Halal tourism has its rules, but attracts a relatively wealthy group, and therefore demands a more intense engagement. The Centre for Halal Quality Certification in Croatia offers the main preconditions for engagement in this type of tourism, while Croatia is the only country in the EU which has a registered Halal standard.


Sports and Health Tourism

Along with conventional and Halal friendly tourism, we promote Health and Sport Tourism in Croatia.

Croatia has the potential to attract guests from Arab countries through Health and Sport Tourism. Because of the growing need for expanding capacity to meet Halal requirements, there is an opportunity for additional profit in these tourist sectors.